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Pink Pearl’s version of steamed shrimp dumpling is solid.

Duck-web wrap. It’s messy to eat! The bean curd wrap absorbs a lot of the flavour of this dish, but you’ll definitely have to unwrap this to enjoy it.

Mini steamed pork bun. These char siu baos have a nice spongy texture to its bun and a small bit of bbq pork in them. Pink Pearl’s were just fine.

Steamed sticky rice roll. This is savoury sticky rice served in a steam bun type of roll - an odd combination. It needed brighter flavour to make the roll pop.

Shrimp toast. It’s a fusion dim sum dish with a buttery, crispy toast on the bottom and that delicious shrimp dumpling. It was my favourite dish of the meal.

Hand-made steamed shrimp rice rolls. These are good no matter where you go. It’s best enjoyed dipping it in the soy sauce.

Liver & pork dumplings. I didn’t like this dish because I’m not a big fan of liver.

Pan-fried half moon dumplings. This fried dumpling is served with a consomme broth. The dumpling is crispy, savoury but light overall in taste. It tasted much better when dipped in the broth.

Wok-fried lotus root and fresh mushrooms. I love crunchy lotus roots and the mushrooms had a nice, bouncy snap to them still. The goji berries added flavour.

Hand-made steamed beef rice rolls. These ones are tender and not overcooked.

Gojoy goji berries gelle. It’s nice to see goji berries incorporated into this gelatin dessert.

One thing I love about Chinese desserts is that they are not too sweet, but sweet enough to satisfy that need after a big meal.

Check out Pink Pearl as it’s one of the iconic Chinese restaurants in Vancouver!

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Pink Pearl

1132 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC


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