Chatr offers new data options

Chatr is now offering customers more ways to use data without having to worry about pay-per-use charges. 

As of now, Chatr data customers have access to Data Plus, a convenient, one-time top-up that allows them to purchase additional data once they’ve reached their monthly allotment. 

- Customers on a $25, $35 or $45 Talk & Text plan (with data add-on) will receive an SMS at 75% and 100% of their monthly data allotment and customers on a $40, $45 or $50 in-zone Talk, Text & Data plan will receive an SMS at 90% and 100% of their monthly 3G speed allotment. 

- The SMS will give customers the option to purchase a data bucket that can be used up to 3 times per billing cycle. 

- $5 for 200MB (chatr Talk & Text plan with data add-on)

- $5 for 500MB (chatr in-zone Talk, Text & Data plan)

- Visit My Chatr account to add Data Plus. 

Plus, Chatr is making things easier for customers by introducing more self-serve options. In addition to Data Plus, customers will also be able to change their price plan online through their My chatr account. Previously only available through Care, customers can now manage their plans with a few simple clicks. 

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