Restaurant Review: Adorabelle Tea Roo

By Drunken Noms
Special to the Post


At Adorabelle, we had the Creamy Earl Grey. It had stronger notes of vanilla and a smoother finish. The servers were efficient at coming by and topping up the teapot with hot water.

My favorite is the savouries. Everyone liked the Smoked Salmon and Dill on a Savoury Scone. Chunks of smoked salmon were used and only cream cheese and a hint of dill were paired with it. The savoury scone was herb flavoured and moist. Another favorite was the Asiago Fennel Shortbread in which the savoury flavours came through. The asiago and the fennel could be tasted.

The egg salad in the Egg Salad Pinwheel had the right amount of sharpness from the green onions. The Chicken Waldorf Sandwich hit the right balance of savoury and sweet. The Cucumber Sandwich was a little boring. I was indifferent to the Bacon Chive Cupcake with Savoury Cream Cheese Icing.

The Vanilla Bean Scone dusted with powdered sugar was my favorite of the scones. The Orange Glazed Scone appeared to be the same as the vanilla bean scone, but with an orange glaze on the top, giving it a sweeter, more tart flavour.

My favorite dessert was the Strawberry with Cream because of its freshness and simplicity at the end of a filling meal. The Coconut Meringue had plenty of freshly grated coconut, but it was its appealing chew that really set it apart. The least favorite dessert was the Mandarin Cream Cheese Tart.

The quality of the food was better than what you find at many other tea rooms – the savouries in particular. The portion was fair for $30. If you’re in Richmond and looking for a pleasant high tea experience, I would suggest checking it out.


Adorabelle Tea Roo

2051 Third Avenue, Richmond, BC


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